About Preston City BID

Who benefits from BID?


  • Produces wellbeing and economic growth
  • Gives competitive regional advantage
  • Develops partnership between private & public sector
  • Encourages corporate social responsibility
  • Provides sustainable investment for on-going capital projects/services
  • Creates a positive sense of place and enhanced community pride
  • Additional events in the city centre
  • Profiling of their home/city
  • Opportunity for businesses to have “a voice”

Businesses/ The Occupier

  • Increases footfall
  • Reduces costs (crime reduction, joint activities, e.g. promotions/marketing)
  • Addresses the issues of individual sectors (commercial, retail, hospitality etc.)
  • Gives businesses a local voice
  • Creates more appealing environment for employees
  • Fair to smaller businesses
  • Fair system, those that invest, benefit

Local Authorities

  • Harnesses private sector management/organisational drive and skills
  • Provides new, sustainable investment and doesn’t detract from other resources
  • Has commercial support
  • Conduit for stakeholder partnerships

IIncreased Rental Value of Property

  • Can increase an area’s desirability and attracts occupiers
  • Can increase trade which affects turnover based rents
  • Could help properties away from main footfall areas
  • Good PR locally and regionally
  • Forges positive links with council and key stakeholders
  • Provides a collective business voice


BID Team

The BID team consists of a part-time BID manager and part-time operations officer. The core BID team is advised and supported by the BID committee…

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Positive image

The BID works with many stakeholders to create a positive image of the city…

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Street Cleaning

The BID’s rolling power washing programme has covered over 25km of pavements since it began in 2010.  The programme, which covers high footfall areas, operates in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings.  It’s imperative that the city is presented in the best light possible in order to maintain a positive image. 

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Promotional Tools

PrestonAtNight and ShopPreston.co.uk are assets used by the BID to promote both the city’s leisure and retail outlets…

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Preston City Centre has three electronic footfall cameras which count the number of pedestrians passing on any given hour. The BID has weekly reports which show key hours.

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Winter Planting

Providing a splash of colour, along key routes, is vital when winter arrives. The BID annually funds a winter planting scheme to lift the centre in winter.

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BID Helping Preston City Boom BID

£150,000 City Centre CCTV Investment

Achieved Purple Flag For Safe City Status

Secured £1.2m For Winckley Square Redevelopment

Secured £4m of PR coverage

Installed footfall monitoring cameras/software

Attracted over 750,000 to events

Increased city centre spend by £2.2m

Fund the city’s Christmas lighting scheme